Brainfuck up your minds!


Limbo everybody! Keep your heads up and your ears open for 2015!
We´ll be there!

Goddamn-fuckin`-Shit, longtime not here! Nearly forgotten about this Homepage.. Facebook-Fagets take everything… Small update:
It`s 2014, 12 years Brainfuckers and still breathing.. We´ve lost our bass-player a few weeks ago, but we`re still not dead. Keep it going! On August 23rd we`ll start our Festival "Krähenholz" for the 3rd time, that`ll be awesome again..
Join the joyride, listen to the music and keep limboing..


Hey folks.. Long time nothing..But everythings fine. 10 years Brainfuckers, what a party.. Watch out for new stuff..

On and on it goes and it will never stop! New pics online, see how our chamber looks like now..LIMBO!!

Howdy folks,
it`s done.. Our new page is online, while we`re still on holidays.. Check it out!


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